The Ethereum online casinos

Recently we have seen the proliferation of cryptocurrencies as a popular payment methods in online casinos. Bitcoin is right now the most popular cryptocurrency and many people have started using it in online casinos. Many other currencies have also appeared online, which have great following and also have a very large popularity amongst online casinos.

BitCoin can be the most popular cryptocurrency right now, however, other currencies like Ethereum are gaining popularity as well. It was created in 2014 and was designed to provide a more flexible framework for users, however still being based on a similar blockchain platform as Bitcoin. The main currency still used on the network is Ether and other crypto products can also be created by users, offering a large number of possible payment options that can be developed on the platform. This sort of innovative payment mechanism has caught the attention of many people across the iGaming world. Many casinos are now using Ether, seeing it as another way to provide deposits and withdrawals to players.


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