What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency that allows people to send money over the internet. So, why should you start online betting with Bitcoin instead?
You can set your bitcoin address in seconds with no fees.
Transaction fees are small and sometimes there are no charges for withdrawals.
It is faster and easier to deposit and withdraw funds than before. You can move your funds in and out more quickly.
It is completely anonymous. No personal information is attached to your bitcoin address and you can hold an anonymous account at many online betting websites.
It is a decentralized currency, which means that the Bitcoin network isn’t controlled by or responsible to another bank or government.

Bitcoin Payment

Bitcoin is right now the most popular digital cryptocurrency. It is also described as a virtual currency. The software currency is stored on the player’s computer and provides the option for goods and services to be paid worldwide. The software is free and open source and it is not owned by a single entity, so anyone could use it. Normal currencies can be exchanged for bitcoins and back as well. You can also earn bitcoins through a process that is called mining. That means using your own computer to go through calculations in order to generate new Bitcoins. We’ve listed the best bitcoin casinos on our website so you can find the one that’s best for you.

Ethereum payment

Ethereum was launched recently and is now the second most valuable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Similar to other new technologies, it will take it some time to become even more popular, however, after beginning with dice betting websites, Ethereum has become popular in online casinos as well. Many casinos now accept deposits and withdrawals with Ethereum. We’ve listed those on our website, so you can find the best one for you.

Advantages of Ethereum

There are many reasons to use Ethereum instead of traditional payment methods. Ethereum shares the same benefits that you will find with other digital currency options. Ethereum can be used in casinos for both deposits and withdrawals, as it has fast processing times and a high level of security of transactions, since both sides can digitally verify the flow of funds. We’ve also shown many websites that offer these deposits, using fair systems.

How to join the network?

Getting started with Ethereum usually requires downloading one of many programs. Those act as a gateway to the decentralized blockchain. (This can be found at ethereum.org). From there users hold and secure many different products that can be traded over the chain.
This platform allows for a lot more options that other well-known cryptocurrencies. Users can also write and deploy their own currency products.
For now, we will stick to online casinos. We are most concerned with the central use of the platform. The Ether monetary system. When you have some of this currency (known as ETH on exchange markets) you will have no trouble using it on a variety of gambling websites that offer it as an option, often alongside other payment options that are digital.